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Health Benefits
While there are many scientific documents that show the health benefits of tropical oils, we tend to look at the oils from a more holistic standpoint. In our opinion, the oils are "whole foods" that serve important functions in our overall health and well-being. While we believe in superfoods, miracle oils, and healing properties, we also know that health and longevity come from a variety of factors such as exercise and diet. In addition, we feel many factors such as pesticides, pollution, and processed foods have a devastating effect on not only our health, but the health of the planet. Truthfully, it seems that as a culture we rely too heavily on modern medicine and science to fix the symptoms and not address the root of the problem. In our direct experience, it has been a combination of healthy lifestyle practices that ultimately delivered the greatest health benefits.

We have spent many hours reading and studying the research on tropical oils, and we believe the following books offer the best and most reliable discussions on their benefits.

Know Your Fats, Dr. Mary Enig, PhD
Nourishing Traditions, Sally Fallon & Dr. Mary Enig, PhD
The Coconut Diet, Cherie Calbom

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